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16 hours (2 days)
This course assumes a basic understanding of Rifle Zeroing and medium range rifle shooting. The course covers some advanced techniques for intermediate range with intermediate caliber cartridges. This course is designed for anyone wanting to improve their understanding of long range shooters and will be particularly helpful to hunters and competitive shooters as it expands their knowledge of the medium to long range shot from Cold Clean Bore.

Beginning with the fundamentals up to 200m, the students will review kit and equipment selection, review and practice windage and elevation adjustment, and basic ranging. Students will also be exposed to updating key data into a logbook such as ballistics, time, temperature, elevation, wind, and windage.

Advancing into intermediate ranges up to 600m, students will incorporate these fundamentals into marksmanship shooting learning how to compensate for longer distances while maintaining consistent groupings and accuracy. Unconventional (supported, and unsupported) shooting positions may be included.

The course focuses on intermediate ranges with intermediate calibers on any serviceable bolt action or semi auto rifle. 

Kit List:

  • Log Book
  • Writing Utensils
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Scope adjustment tool
  • Long rifle (semi or bolt) up to any 7.62 or 30 cal
  • 150 rounds match-grade (or duty) ammunition capable of +/- 1.5 MOA precision
    • .223 (usually 75 / 77 grain)
    • .308 (168 / 175 grain)
    • .300 (110 grain / 125 grain)
    • etc 
    • Ensure the rifle-twist is compatible with the ballistics
  • Magnified optic of at least 1-6X or 1-10X preferred for positive ID
  • Bipod (optional) or a shooting rest
  • Sling
  • Ear and Eye pro
  • Range Finder (optional)
  • Kestrel (optional)
  • Spotting Scope (optional)
  • Snivel Gear (shooting mat, etc)

There is a $10CAD Club/Ins fee per student per day paid directly to the club