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20 hours

The senior instructor will be Jeff de Groot - former JTF2 Operator with the CAF, current security contractor in the middle east. This is an opportunity to receive quality instruction from a member of one the most secretive and elite special forces units in the world.

This course is intended for:
- Intermediate shooters looking for skills in close protection tactical shooting
- Professionals looking for refreshers

This close protection-centric course is focuses on advanced skills development for users of Semi Auto Pistol and  Rifle covering techniques adopted by special operation forces in maintenance, loading, reloading and clearing procedures, malfunctions, transitions, shooting on the move, from cover, from barrier, and marksmanship that include proper sight picture, mechanical offset, rifle manipulation, safety, shooting stance, and body position. Trauma including TQ application and wound packing will be demonstrated as well as applied. 

AR15 Series

- Weapon and Equipment Selection
- Loading, Reloading and Clearing Procedures
- Marksmanship Fundamentals with an AR series rifle
- Advanced Rifle Employment


- Loading, Reloading and Clearing Procedures
- The Draw
- Reduce Malfunctions
- Marksmanship Fundamentals with a Pistol

 Control Bleeding, Tourniquet application
- Dressing application, Wound Packing

This is the prerequisite for the DSTO course.

Kit List

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather and climate conditions of the day. These are physically demanding days so clothing appropriate for hard use is recommended. Tactical pants, shirts and jackets are recommended. Ball cap or appropriate headwear.
  • Appropriate footwear. Tactical boots, hiking shoes, or outdoor sneakers are recommended.
  • Eye, Ear and Glove protection
  • Knee pads
  • First Line belt or Riggers Belt recommended
  • Second Line Rig. Chest Rig recommended
  • Body armour, or plate carrier and other PPE as utilized operationally including helmet
  • Mag pouch to hold 3 -6 rifle mags, and 4 pistol mags
  • Pistol holster (SERPA or any index-finger actuated holster NOT PERMITTED)
  • Tactical rifle sling, no 3 pt
  • Modern serviceable primary weapon. AR15 preferred. Bullpup OK Combloc OK.
  • Optics (red dot, HWS, magnified, or irons OK), sighted in at 100m. Need to know Height over Bore
  • Weapon Mounted Light and IR Laser (optional), and Handheld
  • Modern semi-automatic pistol. 
  • Minimum 600 reliable rounds for primary weapon 
  • Minimum 400 reliable rounds for secondary pistol
  • IFAK, TQ (CATSor SOFTT recommended), Olaes bandage and Chest Seal. Purchase only from an approved distributor (CTOMS). If deficient, please contact us.
  • Repair and spare kit, multi-tools, CLP
  • Paper, Pen and Stuff (PPnS)
  • Hydration, Nutrition

Please contact us if you are deficient in your kit.