Tactical Trauma (TACTRA)

Tactical Trauma (TACTRA)

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16 hours
As a professional carrying a gun, there is a chance that you will find yourself on a scene where someone is severely wounded. If your life is still in danger from an active shooter or some other threat and medics are unavailable it will be up to you to respond. Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) was developed to assist military personnel in dealing with this type of situation.

Tactical Trauma has been designed to help responders benefit from medical knowledge gained in combat and incorporate it into their own tactics, techniques, and procedures when responding to similar situations.

Course Objectives:
- Be able to identify, prioritize, and treat life threatening injuries
- Understand what should be included in a first aid kit
- Control Bleeding | Tourniquet application
- Open an Airway | Airway Management
- Treat Chest Wounds using Chest Seals
- Treat for Shock
- Dressing application | Wound Packing
- Care Under Fire
- Tactical Field care scenarios
- Transporting casualties

Participants will receive certification in Stop the Bleed®