CP Concepts of Movement & Tactics (CMAT)

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16 hours | 12 pers max

This is course is a module from our comprehensive Close Protection / Executive Protection (CPEP) and Dismounted Small Team Operations (DSTO) programmes that focuses on the fundamentals of movement within a small close protection team. This is a non-shooting course, working in and out of civilians buildings, parkades and streets in downtown Victoria.

This course is intended for:
- professionals seeking higher learning and eventual placement in a CP role
- persons interested in the CP profession, its role, and responsibilities
- persons looking for tools to enhance their own personal security as well as their families

This course is taught by a current serving CP operative in a dignitary protection role. There will be one or two additional seasoned Close Protection professional on hand provide advice and guidance where necessary.
This course focuses on walking formations: 1, 2, 5 with BG in stairs, halls, corners, tight spaces and elevators. We will also cover hasty building and room clearing procedures, in and out - what to look for, where to position. Embus/Debus Orthodox/Unorthodox and breaking contact.

Day 1
- CP Structure, Roles and Responsibility
- Interior Movement and Drills

Day 2
- Exterior Ops
- Dismounted team movement
- Building Entry/Exit
- Vehicle Embus/Debuss
- Breaking Contact
- Final Exercise