Confined Spaces Combatives

Confined Spaces Combatives

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The Confined Spaces Combatives course teaches self-defense in severe situations where spatial mobility is hindered or not possible, for example, inside vehicles, small envelope areas, backed up against a corner, etc.

CSC’s instructional blocks are broken down to indoctrinate and establish a foundational knowledge base before building on skillsets learned from real-world experiences.

Our instructor cadre are experienced in law enforcement and emergency response teams, as well as having a strong background in competitive Brazilian Jiujitsu, notably championships at the international level.

By combining operational experiences with institutional competition-based fighting, you will be able to leverage their familiarity and skillsets in confined space combatives to increase your own proficiency and to ultimately survive extreme situations.



  • Essentials Skills pertaining to Combative Movement (Outside/Inside confined areas inc. Vehicle)
  • Evaluating the potential threat
  • Mental plan/processing
  • Securing a weapon/proper disarm