Close Protection | Executive Protection (CPEP)

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60-80 hours (expect 12-16 hr days)

This highly compressed, yet comprehensive, introductory program immerses participants in the day-to-day roles of a small close protection team, exposing them to real world situations and operational tempo. It focuses on training personnel in small protective units to recognize serious threats and implement proper countermeasures to effectively safeguard private sector VIP and public officials facing potential exposure. Students will conduct security and threat assessments and develop operational plans for the movement of principals (including advance and route planning).

Topics include walking and driving formations, disarming tactics, intelligence gathering, threat assessment, advance surveys, close quarters confrontation, and extraction tactics, techniques to liaison with official agencies. This program incorporates practical scenarios relying on core competencies in utilizing firearms and weapons handling, tactical vehicle operations, extraction and rescue techniques and motorcades.

- Elements of a Close Protection Detail and their responsibilities including: Security Advance Party (SAP), Personal Escort Section (PES), Personal Protection Officer (PPO), Counter Action Team (CAT)
- Planning routes to include: primary & alternate routes, safe zones & houses along the designated routes
- Vehicle disablement and dismounted evacuation
- Formations, posturing and when to use them
- Movements - in/out vehicles, hallways, stairs, elevators, offices, revolving doors
- Embus/debus tactics and procedures
- Medical emergencies
- Radio procedures and protocol
- Dress & Deportment
- Basic hand-to-hand (hug break, handshakes, knife attacks)
- Weapons confirmation & deployment patterns

Sample Schedule Summary (subject to change)

Day 1 - Close Protection / Executive Protection Concepts, Security Advance Planning, Exercise Workshop, Debrief

Day 2 - Performing the Security Advance, Presenting a Security Brief, Concepts of Movements & Tactics, Debrief

Day 3 - On the Move exercise, Fundamentals of Armed Roles, Basic hand-to-hand, Debrief

Day 4 - On the Move exercise, Vehicle operations, Weapons confirmations (live fire), Debrief

Day 5 - Final Exercise and Skill Validation - Mission Planning, Advance Party, Convoy, Live Fire Contact drills, Movements, Debrief