Introduction to Security Advance Planning (ISAP)

Introduction to Security Advance Planning (ISAP)

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12 hours | 20 pers max

This course is a module from our comprehensive Close Protection / Executive Protection (CPEP) programme that focuses on the fundamentals of performing the security advance. **This is a non-shooting course**

This course is intended for:

  • professionals seeking higher learning and eventual placement in a CP role
  • persons interested in the CP profession, its role, and responsibilities
  • professionals working in an environment with an element of risk
  • persons looking for tools to enhance their own personal security
  • Security Guards, Bouncers, Protective Services, Nightclub managers, Venue staff

This course is taught by current serving CP operatives in a close protective services role. 

ISAP will teach the principles and procedures for Close Protection professionals to make the necessary administrative, logistical and security-related arrangements in advance of the VIP’s arrival.

The students will learn the prime objective of organizing the logistical support to minimize risk to the client. Students will gain an understanding that a proper advance reduces the risk of intentional and unintentional injuries and embarrassing situations to an acceptable level.

This course will be set in the afternoon and into the late evening during venue (nightclub) business hours where students will have an immersive experience in venue assessment, staff liaison, pre-incident planning, and working with a VIP. 

The course starts with theory and fundamentals on the security advance process, then a practical exploration of the venue interacting with key staff - eventually working with a VIP at the venue.