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The Lifeline Warrior Kit, or LWK, is thoughtfully assembled based upon experiences within close protection, risk consultancy, and by those working in law enforcement or public safety capacity. 

These kits are pre-packaged in polyseal but is also available with any of the CTOMS pouches we offer. This kit offers more value as compared to the purchase of each item separately.

The items in the kit include the following:

  • Tourniquet, SOF® Tactical Wide (SOF®-TT-W), Black, Next Gen
  • Olaes Modular Bandage, 4” (Flat)
  • Celox Rapid Gauze
  • FoxSeal Chest Seal
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway Robertazzi 28Fr
  • Surgical Lubricant, 3gm packet, Steril
  • Wipe, Antiseptic, BZK Towlette, 0.13%, 8”x5.08
  • CTOMS Gloves, Nitrile, Tan, 1 Pair, Individually, Wrapped, Large
  • LIFEHEAT™ Reflector Blanket, 48”x72“, 2.5mil, CB