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The senior instructor will be Jeff de Groot - former JTF2 Operator with the CAF, current security contractor in the middle east. This is an opportunity to receive quality instruction from a member of one the most secretive and elite special forces units in the world.

This course is intended for:
- Beginners new to semi auto pistol and rifle
- Basic to intermediate shooters looking for skills refresher
- Professionals (Police, Border, Sheriff, Legislative, Armoured Vehicle Guards, etc) looking for practical advice on skills development for annual qualifications.

This is an open enrollment course for all ages and all skill levels that focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship. The instructor will be covering techniques adopted by special operation forces in maintenance, loading, reloading and clearing procedures, malfunctions, and marksmanship principles that include proper sight picture, mechanical offset, rifle manipulation, safety, shooting stance, and body position.

The fundamentals taught in this course sets the student up for success in any of our intermediate to advanced course offerings.

Basics of tactical trauma will be introduced

Basic Tactical Trauma
- Control Bleeding, Tourniquet application
- Dressing application, Wound Packing

AR15 Series (preferred)
- Weapon and Equipment Selection
- Loading, Reloading and Clearing Procedures
- Marksmanship Fundamentals with an AR series rifle
- Advanced Rifle Employment

- Loading, Reloading and Clearing Procedures
- The Draw
- Reduce Malfunctions
- Marksmanship Fundamentals with a Pistol

Students are asked to bring AR15 Family of weapons; however, any serviceable battle rifle including bullpups, COMBLOCs are welcome.