Personal Security Onboarding (PSOB)

Personal Security Onboarding (PSOB)

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We are facing ongoing dangers to our personal safety and security and are at substantial risk of being targeted at home, at work, and abroad. Ultimately, your individual security rests with how well you are prepared. Understanding and using the knowledge gained from this course and working together with other students and your instructors will help to keep you, your family, and your coworkers safe.

Avoid and minimize dangers and risks, at work and at home:

 - Taking appropriate precautionary and preparative actions
 - Practical techniques to manage risk and deal with difficult circumstances
 - Perform quick assessments in austere or non-permissive environments
 - React appropriately in actual danger, threat or injury
 - Comprehend psychological reaction to security incidents and know where to obtain help
 - Accountability and Responsibility
 - Preparing and Responding to Active Shooter Incidents

Avoid and minimize dangers and risk, whilst stationed, travelling, or otherwise in a non-headquarters station or mission:

 - Knowing and using your vital security tools
 - Your public behaviour, image, and personal safety
 - Assessing personal security risks
 - Self-care and Wellbeing
 - Options in a Non-Permissive Environment