RCMP Advanced Tactics Workshop - CLOSED COURSE

RCMP Advanced Tactics Workshop - CLOSED COURSE

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This is a one-day closed workshop for Police and other Public Safety/LE only. This 8-hour long course uses police qualification standards and not only builds on them, but applies them to real world practical situations. The techniques learned here will advance standard knowledge and provide members with a greater confidence in responding to high risk situations safely.

The first half of the morning will focus on building confidence in achieving the annual qualifications standards utilizing fresh techniques to improve marksmanship.

The rest of the day will focus on further developing member knowledge and practical skillsets in advanced tactics. The purpose of this portion of the day is to take current member skills and apply them to real world realities and threats. We train members to advance their current skills, accurately and quickly recognize threats and either engage or escape high risk situations effectively and safely.

Members will learn real world applications of tactical trauma care (including proper tourniquet application)

By the end of the course, members will be more confident not only doing annual qualifications, but also managing high risk threat situations.

Threats exist on your watch. Our goal is to make members more confident in their ability to be safe and to triumph over any and all high risk situations that may present themselves in the line of duty.

This is a course which encourages open dialogue and team learning.

Topics to include:

  • Principles of shooting tactically
  • Weapons Handling, Stoppages, Reloads, Transitions
  • Breaking contact
  • Movement Techniques
  • Danger Areas
  • Movement to Contact
  • Engaging a single and multiple targets with scanning
  • Breaking contact (teams)
  • Aussie Peel
  • Control Bleeding, Tourniquet application
  • Dressing application, Wound Packing

Kit list:

  • Minimum 300 rounds service pistol ammunition
  • Service pistol
  • Service carbine (optional)
  • Minimum 200 rounds service rifle ammunition (optional)
  • Typical on-duty (or training) attire including body armour and plate carrier if issued. If the member is PC role then civilian attire is okay
  • Duty Belt and Holster (Serpa or any trigger-finger-actuated holster not permitted)
  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) including TQ (CAT Gen 7 or SOFT-T recommended)
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Hydration, Nutrition
  • Recommended: Knee Pads and Gloves
  • Recommended: Repair and spare kit, multi-tools, CLP
  • Recommended: Paper, Pen and Stuff (PPnS)

Recent feedback from our Law Enforcement (RCMP, Calgary SWAT, Sheriff Service, CAF Military Police) :

  • "They did a great job taking us (all of us) from different levels and bringing us to the level where we can safely work as a small team"
  • "Instructor was aware of the progress students were making and tailored instruction to fit."
  • "The Pistol Weaving drill was outstanding!"
  • "Staff provided a great experience. Subject matter was taught at effective level for both experienced shooters and new shooters to this shooting."
  • "The best course I've ever taken. Pointed out deficiencies and helped me correct them. Thanks a lot."
  • "Enjoyed stripping away old habits and building from the ground up."
  • "Awesome instruction, can't wait to work with you guys again."