SF Tactical Shooting Package - Shotgun

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This is part of a series within the SFTP program aimed to provide participants, with little previous experience, an immersive introduction to tactical shotgun principles, skills, and culture that they will need in order to succeed. The course also aims to expand the abilities of the shooter and focus on creating the foundation of an operationally employable skillset such as law enforcement, hunting, or even competitive shooting.

This course covers the following:

   - Range safety
   - Range standing orders (rules)
   - Principles of tactical shooting (didactic)
   - Tactical shotgun handling, stoppages
   - Reloading and Carriage considerations
   - Ammunition Loadout considerations
   - Shot Patterning
   - Penetration Demonstration
   - Static shooting
   - Walking turns
   - Positional shooting
   - Shooting on the move
   - Shooting on the clock (skills)
   - Unorthodox shooting positions and use of cover
   - Considerations in isolated and non-permissive environments
   - Principles of tactical trauma including Stop the Bleed® (Only at select venues)

The graduated SFTP program is a 3-stage approach to building core competency through training and experience within the individual. Participants will be evaluated after each package and provided with a recommendation for progression. 

Optional specialty ratings can be obtained after completion of the graduated SFTP program. 

Kit List

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather and climate conditions of the day. These are physically demanding days so clothing appropriate for hard use is recommended. Tactical pants, shirts and jackets are recommended. Ball cap or appropriate headwear.
  • Appropriate footwear. Tactical boots, hiking shoes, or outdoor sneakers are recommended.
  • Eye, Ear and Glove protection
  • Knee pads
  • First Line belt or Riggers Belt recommended
  • Second Line Rig. Chest Rig recommended
  • Body armour, or plate carrier and other PPE as utilized operationally.
  • Modern shotgun
  • Minimum 500 rounds birdshot
  • Minimum 100 rounds slug
  • Minimum 100 rounds 00 buck
  • IFAK, TQ (CAT or SOFTTW recommended), Olaes bandage and Chest Seal. We will have complete kits for purchase on site
  • Repair and spare kit, multi-tools, CLP
  • Paper, Pen and Stuff (PPnS)
  • Hydration, Nutrition
  • Face mask, gloves, disinfectant wipes/gel/spray for personal use.

Please contact us training@veritacsolutions.com if you are deficient in your kit.