Tactical & Operational Planning Process (TOPP) Commander's Course

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This is an in-depth bridging course developed in conjunction with police for tactical operations that may include public order and public safety, counter-terror, crime scene preservation and security, critical incident response, disaster and emergency response or anything else that may require operational orders within a short time frame. This course is intended for police officers, emergency management team leaders, and others who normally work within the Incident Command System (ICS) and who may be involved in such operations where integration with tactical assets such as military, or specialized police units is necessary.

The Tactical & Operational Planning Process (TOPP) is a framework that is used and adapted with military, specialized police units, other agencies and companies working in tactical or operational environments where the need to succinctly interpret the commander’s intent into orders is paramount to the success of the operation.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the Tactical & Operational Planning Process (TOPP) framework
  • Given a 72hrs NTM be able to Define, Plan, Execute TOPP and its component parts
  • Sustain a TOPP Operations Order and adapt the situation, mission, execution, admin, logistics, and C2 as required
  • Understand the difference between full TOPP Operation Order and a Short Order (or Fragmentary Order FRAGO); and when to use them
  • Express the commander’s reaction and intentions to the circumstances on the ground with brevity, speed and accuracy (BSA) as a Short Order
  • Plan and execute a Short Order (for example in riot control: order bound, offensive/defensive bounds, charge, movement orders, fire support, and report to the ground) - within an on-going operation
  • Adapt the TOPP framework for any scenario