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The VERITAC Modular Tactical Operational Medicine System AFAK "lite" is designed for discreet and low profile carry. It is thoughtfully assembled based upon experiences within close protection, risk consultancy, and by those working in law enforcement or public safety capacity. This is an Ankle Carry pouch that allows for several compact intervention devices. 

We have pre-filled it a Sam XT Tourniquet and wipes, giving you the flexibility to add your own hemostatic dressing, pen-light, shears, chest seal, and gauze.

This kit offers more value as compared to the purchase of each item separately.

The items in the kit include the following:

  • Tourniquet, Sam XT
  • Loris Wipes
  • Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK pouch
  • Ryker Nylon Gear Expansion tab