Veritac "PROFESSIONAL" Front Soft Panel | NIJ HG2 (0101.06 IIIa) | 6"x8"

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As issued to Veritac employees, consultants and contractors working in austere, non-permissive or tactical environments. This panel will fit in most 6x8 admin pouches on the market.

  • Front panel sold individually 
  • Front panel provides protection for abdominal region
  • Rated at the new NIJ HG2 Level (0101.06 IIIa) Standalone Multi-Hit
  • Flexible, 6”x8”
  • Less than 1/2” thick
  • Twaron Aramid
  • Waterproof, Antibacterial and thermo-sealed
  • 1.3 lbs each

These are overstock panels that we bring in for projects and clients; therefore, availability is based upon surplus after fulfilling our contracts.

For single orders, typically there is a 25-30 day delivery schedule based upon the availability of local in-house staff due to our rotations in operations. 

We ship to all jurisdictions, end-user must check with their local regulations for possession and licensing requirements.