VG-1 Target

VG-1 Target

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We partnered with Action Target to produce our VG-1 tactical training target.

The VG-1 target is a culmination of 3 years of R&D collaboration with our cadre and select end-users. Key elements are laid out and layered specifically to build skill, speed and conditioning.

The silhouette is the same size as the A-C zones found in common competition target designs, indicated by hash marks. The inner-most hash marks outline a front armor plate. It also includes vitals and the skeletal system for shot-placement reference.

The six 1” squares have many applications including accuracy and cadence drills, and are especially useful for zeroing optics.

The eight 4“ circles are intended to be used for speed, accuracy, target transition and cognitive-centric drills.

These targets are printed on a heavy-weight paper to enable increased rain and wind resistance.