Veritac Global Gryphon/Caduceus Roundel T-shirt, Unisex

Veritac Global Gryphon/Caduceus Roundel T-shirt, Unisex

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Designed and Printed in BC, Canada

The Veritac Global roundel establishes the confidence and heritage of the company. It features a pair of armed and winged gryphons segreant, representing the company’s commonwealth close protection ties. The winged caduceus invokes our capabilities in tactical medicine where speed and mobility is of the essence.

Express your affiliation with Veritac Global by ordering this fabulously luxurious-feeling shirt that is perfect for casual workdays or laid-back weekends - you’ll be reaching for this soft T-shirt every day of the week.

  • Feels so soft, won't chafe the nipples.
  • Grey shirt with multiple logo colour options.
  • Sizing: S (34"-37"), M (38"-41"), L (42"-45"), XL (46"-49"), XXL (50"-53")
  • This shirt is lightweight with just 4.2oz of tri-blend fabrication.
  • This shirt has a modern fit that perfectly accents and compliments your body while also feeling super casual and comfortable.
  • Your chest and arms will show gains, while minimizing your 1-pack.
  • Both the bottom hem and the sleeve ends have a double needle stitch to give you that extra strength where it's most important.