Vehicle Tactics, Angles & Considerations (VTAC)

Vehicle Tactics, Angles & Considerations (VTAC)

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16 hours

Responding and reacting to contact while in a vehicle is high risk. This course builds on the principles of contact engagement, focusing on topics that increase survivability in fighting from vehicles. Whether you are a solo operator or part of a team, the techniques learned here will advance standard knowledge and provide you with a greater confidence to respond to and engage contacts efficiently.

Participants will learn to utilize their surroundings to gain the upper hand while recognizing and managing the high risk engagement with contact, in and around vehicles.

This is a course which encourages open dialogue and team learning.

Topics to include:

  • Review the fundamentals of weapons manipulations
  • How to efficiently draw and engage multiple targets at varied angles while seated
  • Considerations for weapons manipulations while in confined spaces
  • Considerations for how to get in and out of vehicles effectively (bail out drills)
  • Considerations when using a vehicle as cover/concealment
  • Engaging single and multiple targets from orthodox and unorthodox positions
  • Surviving Contact – what to do when you’re getting shot at
  • Moving to and utilizing cover after/during engagement
  • Disabled response to contact – when and where to perform self-aid trauma care
  • Solo operator & 2+ person team tactics

Kit List

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather and climate conditions of the day. These are physically demanding days so clothing appropriate for hard use is recommended. Tactical pants, shirts and jackets are recommended. Ball cap or appropriate headwear.
  • Appropriate footwear. Tactical boots, hiking shoes, or outdoor sneakers are recommended.
  • Eye, Ear and Glove protection
  • Knee pads
  • First Line belt or Riggers Belt recommended
  • Second Line Rig. Chest Rig recommended
  • Body armour, or plate carrier and other PPE as utilized operationally.
  • Mag pouches to hold 3-6 rifle mags and 4 pistol mags
  • Pistol holster (SERPA or any index-finger actuated holster NOT PERMITTED)
  • Tactical rifle sling, no 3 pt
  • Modern serviceable primary weapon. All types and calibers. No Prohibited firearms. 
  • Optics (red dot, HWS, magnified, or irons OK), sighted in at 50m. Need to know Height over Bore
  • Weapon Mounted Light and IR Laser (optional), and Handheld
  • Modern semi-automatic pistol.
  • Minimum 800 reliable rounds for rifle (frangible desired)
  • Minimum 400 reliable rounds for pistol (frangible desired)
  • IFAK, TQ (CAT or SOFTTW recommended), Olaes bandage and Chest Seal. We will have complete kits for purchase on site
  • Repair and spare kit, multi-tools, CLP
  • Paper, Pen and Stuff (PPnS)
  • Hydration, Nutrition
  • Face mask, gloves, disinfectant wipes/gel/spray for personal use.

Please contact us if you are deficient in your kit.